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Daily Dharma

21-Day Agreement

I will start my 21-Day Program on (date) ______________. During the 21-day period, I will tally each gassho on a monthly calendar sheet. If necessary, I will use reminder "gassho" signs to help me remember to do daily gassho. At the conclusion of the 21-day period, I will report a summary of my calendar-sheet recordings. I also will include written comments describing my experience with this 21-Day Program.

Please choose one of the following:

  • I have set up a home altar or SPOT (Special Place of Tranquility). I will respect this designated area as representing a place of quiet power or dynamic serenity. I will give a dedicated effort to do daily gassho at my SPOT: a Harmony Gassho in the morning and a Gratitude Gassho in the evening. I have read the Home Altar/SPOT and Daily Gassho information sheets and will follow the instructions to the best of my ability.
  • I will do my own kind of morning and evening gassho. (Please describe what you will do, where and when; e.g. any personal recitations, at meal time, before washing up in the bathroom, etc.)

TO REGISTER: Please mail or e-mail us the information requested on this form. Please note that after beginning the 21-Day Program, if you get distracted or wish to start over for any reason, just re-submit your intention to begin again.