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Daily Dharma

Program Outline

Daily Dharma Program

Goal: To facilitate an everyday spiritual practice

Rationale: A support structure is needed in addition to books and talks.

Method: Establish a home altar/SPOT; Develop a daily Gassho habit

SPOT Special Place of Tranquility

Goal: Creation of a home altar/SPOT

Rationale: Provides a definite place conducive to spiritual growth

Method: Obtain materials such as: candle holder, bell, incense burner, vase.

Everyday Gassho

Goal: To do a morning "harmony" Gassho and an evening "gratitude" Gassho

Rationale: Such a daily ritual lays a karmic groundwork which will develop other spiritual practices (i.e. the Buddhist way of Oneness will become expressed naturally in everyday living).

Method: "21" Day Program

21-Day Program

Goal: To do daily Gassho at a home altar/SPOT for 21 days

Rationale: The beginning is the most difficult part of trying to establish a desired habit. Therefore, a specific format with clear feedback and accountability is necessary to facilitate the process.

Method: Use of reminder signs, keeping track daily on calendar, etc.