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Video Tape Loan Program

BRIGHT DAWN INSTITUTE videotaped many of the services held by the Heartland Sangha, which holds innovative "non-sectarian" Buddhist services on the first and third Saturday mornings of every month at the Lake Street Church in Evanston, Illinois. Each service is uniquely planned by a chairperson volunteer. Music and readings from a variety of sources are used. Gratitude and nourishment offerings of rice, flowers, water, or other creative offerings usually replace traditional incense burning. Attendees are invited to share their "Dharma Glimpses." These videotapes are availalble through Bright Dawn's Video Tape Loan Program.

Participation in the Video Tape Loan Program is very simple. Request a tape and when you return the tape, you can request another tape or discontinue participation at any time. A printed service program accompanies each video tape so that you can follow along with the readings done during the service. You can skip directly to the Dharma talk; or use the tape in whatever manner best fits your interests. If desired, feel free to make a copy of the video tape and printed program for your personal use only.

WARNING: Camera work and microphone usage may not always be done optimally. Please adjust your expectations. Consider our video tapes as a home video and not as a professional production. The auditory quality of the Dharma talks should be okay so don’t be distracted if it is difficult to hear the other readings or group recitations. Hearing the Dharma talk is the main thing. Don’t be distracted by odd or boring camera angles or bad lighting. If there is something really technically “wrong” with the tape, please let us know on the response sheet that you return with the tape.

IMPORTANT: The reason we offer this loan program is that we feel Dharma talks can help develop a spiritual attitude toward daily life. Of course, hearing a Dharma talk in person maximizes the impact of the speaker's presence. This impact is minimized in a video tape, especially when there is no editing to help direct and influence the viewer's attention. The point being that when listening to Dharma talks on our videotapes, you can benefit most if you are very motivated in your listening. Be determined to find something of personal value for yourself. There is a saying, “Great teaching requires great listening.” If a person is motivated, he or she can receive a teaching even if the teacher doesn't say anything but only holds up a flower.

CONTACT US to request your initial video tape:; (559) 642-4285; or Bright Dawn Institute, 28372 Margaret Road, Coarsegold, CA 93614. If you decide to continue receiving further video tapes, please send a fee of $2.50 for each video to cover shipping costs; or if more convenient, one annual fee of $25.00 for a maximum of 12 videos over a one-year period. Checks may be made payable to: Bright Dawn Institute.