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Dharma House, the publishing arm of Bright Dawn Institute, was established to distribute Rev. Gyomay Kubose's books as well as other books on Buddhism characterized by their ease in communicating the Dharma teachings. Orders mailing to USA addresses can order books online. If preferred, orders can be processed by mailing this order form and payment check to: Bright Dawn Institute, 28372 Margaret Road, Coarsegold, CA 93614. For mailing addresses outside the USA, please contact Bright Dawn for shipping cost (email, call (559) 642-4285, or mail to address above).

Dharma House Publishing: Book List

BRIGHT DAWN: Discovering Your Everyday Spirituality by Rev. S. Koyo Kubose (Rev. Gyomay M. Kubose's son). Accompany the author on an early morning run along Lake Michigan. Each chapter weaves Buddhist teachings into the Rev. Kubose's seemingly mundane preparation to greet the sunrise. While brushing his teeth, tying his shoes, and gazing at the sky, water, and trees along the running path, he delves into the core of what is means to be human: living with grace, perseverence, and gratitude. 2004; 152 pages. $12.95

Books by Rev. Gyomay M. Kubose

EVERYDAY SUCHNESS by Rev. Gyomay M. Kubose. A classic collection of short articles first published in 1967, hailed as one of the most significant books in Buddhism because of its simple explanations and reference to everyday life. (Eleventh printing, 1994); 142 pages. $12.00.

THE CENTER WITHIN by Rev. Gyomay M. Kubose. This book continues the approach of “Everyday Suchness” and speaks directly to the ordinary layperson. Collection of 58 essays reflects Rev. Kubose’s unique, down-to-earth presentation of the Dharma teachings which offers to all people a richer, more meaningful life. 1986; 134 pages. $12.00.


THE CENTER WITHIN audio cassette
Fifty-eight essays from the writings of Rev. Gyomay M. Kubose; Read by Gene Honda.

3 hours.



ZEN KOANS by Rev. Gyomay M. Kubose. $17.95


AMERICAN BUDDHISM by Rev. Gyomay M. Kubose. This book covers a brief history of Buddhism in America, the Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Path, problems in terminology and misunderstandings common to Westerners. 1976; 29 pages. $5.00.

Translations by Rev. Gyomay M. Kubose
THE FUNDAMENTAL SPIRIT OF BUDDHISM by Haya Akegarasu (Rev. G.M. Kubose’s teacher). Translated from Japanese by Rev. Kubose; gives an idea of Rev. Akegarasu’s life (1877-1954) and teachings. 1977; 87 pages. $8.00  
TAN BUTSU GE (Translation and commentary). This sutra tells the story of Dharmakara who became Amitabha, the Buddha of Infinite Light. 1976 (Second Printing, 1991); 56 pages. $7.00.

HEART OF THE GREAT WISDOM SUTRA (Translation and commentary). This sutra deals with the teachings of non-self and nothingness. 1975 (Second Printing, 1991); 35 pages. $6.00.

Recommended Books
BUDDHISM: PATH OF ENLIGHTENMENT. An introduction to basic Buddhism in a simple, concise manner. The teachings are superimposed on beautiful photographs of nature scenes such as water ponds, rock gardens, and bamboo groves. (Second Printing); 20 pages, full color pamphlet. $5.00.

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RIVER OF FIRE, RIVER OF WATER by Taitetsu Unno. Introduces the Pure Land tradition of Shin Buddhism using personal anecdotes, stories, and poetry. This practice is harmonious with daily life, making it easily adaptable for seekers today. 209 pages. $19.00.


COFFINMAN by Shinmon Aoki. This diary of a mortician invites the reader into the fascinating world of Buddhist Spirituality which sees the extraordinary in things ordinary, mundane, and even repugnant. 142 pages. $14.95


OCEAN; AN INTRODUCTION TO JODO-SHINSHU BUDDHISM IN AMERICA by Ken Tanaka. Uses a question and answer format to present Jodo-Shinshu Buddhism and to answer questions frequently asked by non-Buddhists. The book can help Jodo-Shinshu Buddhists understand their own religious tradition and also help in communicating it to others. 270 pages. $14.95


THE FEELING BUDDHA by David Brazier. A lucid account of how the Buddha's path of wisdom and loving kindness grew out of the challenges he encountered in life. 207 pages. $15.95

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